Hybrid Cooker/Mixer KRS+M

The same deliciousness as manual cooking is achieved in mass production also!

Hybrid Cooker/Mixer KRS+M


1.High heating calorie & quick rising of the pan temperature which achieves juicy products with delicious texture.

●High temperature of IH (Induction Heating) & high heating calorie of Steam enables nearly 4 times heating calorie compared with the ordinary gas heating pans. Shorter production time even in bigger production quantity.

●Juicy deliciousness of vegetable & meat is certainly kept in frying, and professional taste is available in mass production also.

2.Hybrid Cooker/Mixer easily makes the most suitable heating calorie for the cooking including low fire.

●Heating temperature of IH is controlled with the dial. Heating calorie control of the operator´s experience & sense can be obtained as numerical values. Steam  heating enables drastic reduction of heating time and lowers the running cost.

●Temperature & heating calorie are separately controlled and supplied by the hybrid heating. This can make the most suitable conditions for the cooking  processes.

●Automated safe operation is available as an option.

3.Over-heating of the product is prevented.

●In case of IH, the pan temperature immediately goes down after turning it off.

●By supplying air or cooling water into the steam jacket, the pan temperature can be more positively lowered after heating.

4.Lower running cost.

●Heat efficiency of Hybrid Cooker/Mixer is higher than 90% while that of gas heating type is 25~30%. Heat is transferred to the pan without waist, and the running  cost is reduced by more than 50%. (in Japan)

5.Measuring devices.

●The pan temperature sensor measures the pan temperature, by which the heating calorie is controlled with numerical value to prevent scorching.
●SWS (Self Weighing System, option) is a device to control the cooking processes with weight, by which product quality unbalance in batches is prevented and foods with stable quality can be produced.


Roux, Sauce, Sauteed Onion, Seasoning Oil, Flour paste, Fried Vegetable, Fried Meat, Bean Paste, etc.


Other dimensions are available on request. Other specifications than specified above are also available.
Above specifications may be revised for the technical improvement without prior notice.
This product is made in Japan.

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