Stir Fryer KRS+M(Gas Heating)

The World Biggest Frying Pan!

Stir Fryer KRS+M(Gas Heating)


1.Discover the hand made deliciousness from high level heating and short time cooking!

●Gas direct firing system and the shallow saucepan makes excess moisture to evaporate quickly therefore large amount can be cooked at one go with high level of heating in short period of time, leading to high quality stir fries.

2.The Key to the cooking without burning the food is the blades specially designed for Scraping

●Multiple rotating scraping blades enable to mix and stir efficiently without getting it burnt at low level of speed. The blades are in close contact to the surface of saucepan which leads to a high quality stirring performance.

3.Stable Quality and for contribution to labour saving

●SWS(Option) Automatic weighing system is a device which controls the process with the weight of the product. By measuring the weight while cooking it tells how ready the products are. This means in every process and each batch the product quality will be high and stable. And also good for confirming the amount of inputting ingredients.


Filling, Saute, Stir fries, Curry, Sauce, Soup, etc.


Other dimensions are available on request. Other specifications than specified above are also available.
Above specifications may be revised for the technical improvement without prior notice.
This product is made in Japan.

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