Oblique Axis Cooker/Mixer OAM(Steam heating)

All-in-one Batch. Pre-Mixing is no need.

Oblique Axis Cooker/Mixer OAM(Steam heating)


Full automation of heating & mixing solid/liquid combined food-stuff and paste form food-stuff all-in-one batch system renovated the concept of cooking kettle.

●An inclined scraping/mixing shaft together with a semi-spherical drum performs efficient agitation and mixing upward and downward, leftward and rightward.

●There is no pool for bacteria to stay, resulting in improved hygiene. The structure is designed to facilitate incorporation and mounting of sensors, high-tech equipment and other optional equipment, allowing creation of the delicate taste by automatic control. The area required for installation has been reduced by about 40%(comparison using a model with a full water capacity of 1,000L) compared to a conventional kneader, realizing space-savings.

●Blades suitable for products with medium and high viscosity and those different in specific gravity and auxiliary mixing elements of every type can be selected according to every purpose of use, such as breaking and dispersion of solids in powder, mixing and kneading of solids with liquid and products different in specific gravity.



●Various seasoning, Sauce, Curry roux, Soup, Grary sauce, Mayonnaise, Dressing, Miso, Jam, Flour paste, Other Paste foods, Fried foods, etc.

●Heating and mixing of chemical industry products - cosmetics, oils, etc.


Other dimensions are available on request. Other specifications than specified above are also available.
Above specifications may be revised for the technical improvement without prior notice.
This product is made in Japan.

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