Revolpan RFN

For crispiness, juiciness, and great texture!

Reokneader KH


1.Produce real texture & Prevent deforming

Intermittent stirring and the scraping blade helps to conduct the heat to the ingredients which enables the temperature of the product to rises quickly in short period of time.

The revolution speed for the scraping blade and the drum are adjustable depending on what it is producing.

Rotating the scraping blade and the drum in the opposite direction increases the number of revolutions which prevents the over cooking. Minimizes the dropping distance which revents the ingredients deforming.


2.Easy to Decompose and Clean

The scraping blade can be dismantled with ONE TOUCH, very easily done.

There are no burnt left out on the surface of the drum due to the well designed scraping blade therefore very easy to clean.


Fried Noodle


Stir fried noodle, Fried rice, Spaghetti, Rice vermicelli, All other stir fried foods, etc.


Power supply

3Phase 200V/380V/400V

Heat source
Kettle capacity

※Other specifications than specified above are also available.