Cooker/Mixer KRS(Gas heating) Kettle fixed type

Small space required machine is suitable for production of small amaount.

Cooker/Mixer KRS(Gas heating) Kettle fixed type


1.Kajiwara's unique structure

●Unique inclined-shaft mixer with planetary and self revolution for mixing gives very effective mixing and even in case of low speed, good taste of product is attained without scorching and/or unevenness.
●Oblique axis mixing has no dead point in the pan. Scraping blades works very well at slow speed mixing and enables very efficient stirring without burnt.

2.Mixing speed is free from low to high

●Ajust the right speed for your products. It is changeable anytime in the process.


3.Mixing head is made of stainless steel

●Simple design and application of stainless steel (SUS304) increase the durability in heating and easy cleaning.

4.Gas heating is the best for cooking that needs high temperature

●With the gas heating, high temperarure cooking is possible. Boiler equipment is not required.


Various type of bean jam, Jelly, Jam, Marmalade, Custard cream, Fondant, Filling, Fried vegetable / meat, Stew, Roux, Cream croquette, Peanut cream, Sauce, Soup, etc.


Other dimensions are available on request. Other specifications than specified above are also available.
Above specifications may be revised for the technical improvement without prior notice.
This product is made in Japan.

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